A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Rat Boy is the story of a small mutant rat in a Cyberpunk future where Humanity has been long forgotton. He has been seperated from his big brother, who has always taken care of him.

He must now learn to survive on his own, while hiding from the group of nomadic insect raiders who seperated him from his brother, who have trapped him in a maze like warehouse.

The game is a puzzle platformer where the player must rely on stealth tactics and wits over brute strength to survive. Ratboy's only assets are his backpack, and anything he can find laying around to put in it. The warehouse is full of junk, tools, and food, that Ratboy needs to survive, and solve challenges. Ratboy can use the tools he finds laying around to adapt to his enviornment, and as weapons in a pinch. But since he isn't very big or strong, hiding in the shadows is his best defense, slipping into air ducts and other places the raiders can't reach him.

The game is still in development, so not everything works as expected. You have been warned.

Our Official Teaser Trailer:


Install instructions

Download the .zip file and unzip it. Then click the block of cheese.


The Rat Boy V.0.3.5 (Alpha Version) - Windows 72 MB
The Rat Boy V.0.3.5 (Alpha Release) - Mac OSX 80 MB